Number 170 / March 2000:

Last year, when RRC first described Rock the Vote's history as a front for the Democratic Party, we got an outraged phone call from RTV honcho Seth Matlins, although we never got an alternate explanation for RTV's cozy relationship with Ma and Pa Clinton.

Of course, Rock the Vote isn't just a front for the Democratic Party. It's also a front for the big record companies, as was made abundantly clear on February 22 at Rock the Vote's 10th Anniversary shindig at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. After performances by Moby, Macy Gray, and Elton John, Sheryl Crow presented RTV's Founder's Award to Hilary Rosen, president of the Recording Industry Association of America and the woman ultimately responsible for sneaking in a change in copyright law last fall that eliminates the rights of recording artists to regain control of masters from record companies.

Bill Clinton accepted a Rock the Nation Award--given last year to Democratic Senate candidate Hilary Clinton--via video. Bill Clinton has indeed rocked the nation--with NAFTA, welfare reform, the crime bill, and the war in Yugoslavia. How much longer will artists continue to associate with Rock the Vote, an organization that honors a woman who is actively subverting their careers and honors a man who is actively subverting their country?

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