Number 79 / June 1990:

Despite what you've read in the papers, James Brown is still in jail. "Work release" just means that he's allowed out for a while in the daytime. Brown still spends nights and weekends in a cell, having done more time on a traffic charge than Lt. William Calley served for orchestrating the My Lai massacre.

Just to make sure that no one misses the point, on May 2 the South Carolina Department of Corrections denied Brown permission to do a benefit concert for the Aiken/Barnwell Counties Community Action Commission, the nonprofit agency where he's working. "As part of being in prison, your liberties are restricted and you're taken away from your commercial life," Francis X. Archibald of the Corrections Department said.

Brown understands the real point. "I think there's a lot of money spent on housing people away from home that should be spent on building them a home so they won't ever have to leave," he told the *New York Times*.

Free James Brown.

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