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Rock A Mole Productions (www.rockamole.com) of Los Angeles has released Everybody In, Nobody Out, a new film on musicians and health care. It's just seven minutes long but it packs quite a wallop. It will be sent free on VHS to any musician or music writer who requests it. For more information, contact us at rockrap@aol.com or RRC, Box 341305, LA, CA 90034.

"What does it say about the richest country on earth that its citizens must depend upon raffles and spaghetti dinners to pay the medical bills--a situation that exists in no other civilized country? What does it say about members of Congress and presidents, Democrats and Republicans all, who are content with a health care system that ignores the needs of tens of millions of Americans while it makes multimillionaires out of those who profit from disease and death?"--from Critical Condition by Donald L. Bartlett and James B. Steele

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