Art Crimes is the largest resource for information on the graffiti movement on the web. Besides great art you can find information on zines, videos and upcoming shows.

Bill Paige, Chicago Renaissance man is always in the middle of music, art, and politics some kind of way or another.

"Don't Quit Your Day Job" Records, One of the most important hip-hop crews in Southern California. Rappers, DJs, producers. They do everything from CD compilations for the families of those claimed by street violence to film soundtracks. Very involved in the community. Beautiful, funky people., "It Ain't Where Ya From Its Where Ya @."

Massachusetts Music Industry Coalition, Important voice against censorship in New England and nationwide. MMIC is spearheading a petition campaign against music censorship. Check that out by clicking here.

Michael Stark is the former morning drive producer at KNAC-FM, which was the most important heavy metal station ever until it went under due to a format change by its asshole owners, Run by the author of Confessions of a Record Producer, this is THE best place to get the details on how the music industry rips off artists.

Nefarious Entertainment Magazine, Quality music web zine out of the Quad Cities in the heart of the Midwest.

Perfect Sound Forever, Good writing about music with a healthy skepticism toward the music industry.

Rock Out Censorship
Box 147
Jewett, Ohio 43986
Phone: 740-946-2011 - FAX: 740-946-2011
A hard-hitting anti-censorship tabloid that has worked with everyone from Ministry to Ice-T to Pantera. They take no prisoners and have built quite a rep with everyone fighting against music censorship.

The Zone, the place where musicians and music fans in Kansas and Missouri hook up with each other and anyone else who's interested.

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