JUST EXACTLY WHY DO WE NEED THE MUSIC INDUSTRY…Last year the music industry had to pay over $70 million to consumers as a penalty for fixing the prices of CDs. In April, New York state attorney general Eliot Spitzer announced that the major labels had agreed to pay upwards of $50 million in unpaid artist royalties. (The labels get to keep the interest on the money for themselves.) And the RIAA calls file sharers thieves?

Not only are the record labels who make up the RIAA thieves, they're liars too. They claim that the reason they hadn't paid the royalties is that they just couldn't find artists such as Dolly Parton, Public Enemy, David Bowie, Puffy Combs, and Willie Nelson. Then there are artists such as guitarist Wayne Moss, who was in Barefoot Jerry and Area Code 615 and played on Blonde on Blonde. The labels he recorded for said they couldn't find him but the Nashville Tennessean found a working phone number for Moss with a single Internet search. "Smaller artists….don't have the wherewithal to hire lawyers to beat a big corporation," Moss noted. "We lose and they buy another chandelier for the office."

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