Bill Glahn

"I believe culture (and the world in general) suffers when controlled - even if that control comes from the artist his(her)self. And sometimes ESPECIALLY if that control comes from the artist. Too much reverance is afforded artists. Why should the public care if an artist gets paid for every morsal? Has Lars Ulrich ever left the stage to investigate the wages of each member of his audience? Does he care if that fifteen year old head-banging stock boy in the front row had to work an entire week of after-school menial labor in order to experience a couple hours of rock ecstacy? Does he care at all? Probably not - as long as he has income enough to buy CDs and concert tickets. While I consider myself to be an artists advocate when it comes to earning a livable wage, receiving health benefits, and other necessities in today's world, that advocasy doesn't extend to the point of market-place control to extend that livable wage into billions."--Bill Glahn, Urbana, MO

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