"We can count our money and we can fix our own problems, but we can't do that if we're held under these constrictive, restrictive contracts. There were talks in Washington about the work-for-hire clauses which record companies instituted without debate. This states that all sound recordings will become the sole ownership of said companies for all time. Do we really need to discuss this? Work-for-hire would be an art director who designs the cover of a CD. Even at 17, when I got in the business, I never believed that I worked for Warner Brothers. We picked them, after much deliberation, to perform a service."

"In Mozart's time, word of mouth built an audience. People found him and heard him play. Then someone came along and said, 'We can sell this experience.' Right there, you've got trouble. Music comes from the spirit, but where does the guy selling the music come from?"

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