from Rock & Rap Confidential/1999

Mike Greene, head of NARAS (the Grammys), wrote a letter on July 21 to Time Warner music executives telling them if they didnít donate songs to a 40th Grammy Anniversary boxed set, they would face "ramifications" that were generally understood to mean lack of exposure for Time Warner artists on Grammy TV shows. Two weeks later, the company agreed to provide several tracks for the boxed set. Why was Time Warner stingy in the first place with a project thatís widely ballyhooed as charity? Perhaps they knew that the money from the sale of Grammy albums actually goes to NARAS itself, which decides how much to give to the NARAS Foundation-its "charitable" arm. In 1998 alone, NARAS charged the NARAS Foundation $553,000 for the use of the Grammy trademark, all the better to help pay Mike Greeneís $1.3 million salary (the highest of any non-profit executive in the U.S.). According to Chuck Philips in the August 13 LA Times, "the IRS and the Justice Department [are] investigating Greene." Undaunted, NARAS trustees recently extended Greeneís contract until 2001.

[from Rock & Rap Confidential/1999]

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