from Rock & Rap Confidential/1999

The latest music marketing intrusion into our lives is the phone call. In the ultimate junk mail move, Michael Bolton called via tape to alert tens of thousands of unsuspecting Americans that he has a new album out. Dick Clark did the same to hype the January 11 American Music Awards show that he produced, telling the lucky call recipient what channel to watch. This tactic may or may not have produced higher TV ratings, but it did produce a torrent of complaints to stations airing the show.

We’re now terrified to pick up the phone, because it might be National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences head Mike Greene, calling to bug us about the Grammys.

"Hi, this is Mike Greene, executive producer of the Grammys TV show. I’m the highest paid head of a non-profit organization in America and an administrator of MusicCares, a ‘charity’ that disburses less than 10% of its revenue to indigent musicians. Our TV show features censored performances and lame hosts with absolutely no connection to music. This year we’ll have a special skit-just like Jay Leno-that will dramatize our proposal to seize the royalties of musicians who use drugs. Please watch."

[from Rock & Rap Confidential/1999]

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