from Rock & Rap Confidential/1999

The total concert gross in 1998 was $389.8 million, up from both the $290 million figure in 1997 and the previous record, $352.8 million in 1994. The average ticket price for the Rolling Stones 1998 arena tour was $109.62, the first time a rock act has averaged over $100. "In some ways, the increases show that concert tickets may have been underpriced for years," says Gary Bongiovanni, editor of PollStar. "That’s not to say they may not soon be overpriced."... On July 2, Los Lobos played a Marlboro-sponsored show at O’Gara’s Garage in St. Paul. The only way to get in was to present 200 "Marlboro miles," which are proof of purchase seals which come five to each pack of smokes. In other words, the cover charge was forty packs of Marlboros, or $130. The same cancer-causing ripoff took place at a Cheap Trick gig in the Twin Cities on July 20.

[from Rock & Rap Confidential/1999]

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