from Rock & Rap Confidential/1996

According to Ed Christman in Billboard, 90, 347 albums were tracked by the point-of-purchase SoundScan system between 1991 and the end of 1993. Of the total, only 554 albums sold more than 500,000 units and they accounted for a whopping 43% of all album purchases. ON the other hand, 52,078 albums sold less than 1,000 copies each. Instead of asking for more promotion of slow-selling records by record labels, retail chains are urging them to simply put out less music. "I don't want to spend 45% of my time on product that will only account for 5% of my business," one major chain exec told Christman. Yet another reason we'll be dancing in the streets the day that new technology drives the chains out of business.

[from Rock & Rap Confidential/1996]

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