"The RIAA represents the interests of the majors. The interests of the majors are contrary to the interests of artists. The RIAA does not represent the interests of artists, and to suggest this is fundamentally dishonest.

The RIAA does not have the aim of making music available to the listening community. Napster does make music available to the listening community. The RIAA does not represent artists. Napster does not represent artists either.

The good news: Napster demonstrates the importance which people attach to having music in their lives. This is legitimate: music is a need in our lives.

The bad news: the public at large is prepared to act illegitimately to serve this legitimate impulse.

The challenge: to legitimize, validate & redeem the clearly demonstrated want, wish, need & intent to share with others music which we value."


Robert Fripp's Diary
Wednesday 2nd. August, 2000

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